Melissa Dyer, Head of Advisory and CFP® at Harbour Wealth, was interviewed live on UJ FM Radio Station on 22nd February 2018, on the topic:  ‘A Millennial’s Guide to Smart Investing’.


Did you know…Studies indicate that by 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce and are expected to grow their wealth significantly over the next few years. It is therefore critical that young people have control of their financial affairs and a long term commitment to investing and saving.

Melissa touched on 3 key items for millennials to focus on when it comes to saving and investing:
1. Start early – The magic of compounding, which works best over time, means that you can grow your wealth exponentially if you simply start investing now and let your investment work for you! Your investments may experience short term volatility, but you will reap the rewards in the long term.
2. Diversify – Investing in different asset classes (including local and offshore equities, properties, bonds and cash) is an important strategy to reduce risk and ultimately enhance investment returns. Put differently, diversification means not investing all your savings in Bitcoin!
3. Embrace technology – At Harbour Wealth, our clients have their own personal dashboard, powered by Wealthport, recently voted Africa’s best investment platform and technology portal, where they can see their entire financial plan, live. This is incredibly empowering as our clients are able to see how small changes (like investing R100 more per month, as opposed to ordering takeaway) can make to the income they are able to draw in retirement!

Choosing a Financial Adviser to guide you along this financial journey is a very personal decision, so it is important to find someone who will educate and inspire you.
At Harbour Wealth we become our clients’ confidante, psychologist and trusted friend!